TRPD Consulting & Engineering

Aiming for the skies or diving under the waves, we've got your needs covered.

From solitary engineering tasks to full-blown design and build solutions, our versatility would make a Swiss Army knife look one-dimensional. We cater to an array of specialized markets, armed with comprehensive knowledge of regulations, stress testing, CAE/CAD tools, materials, and a pinch of magic dust. And when needed, our sister companies jump in to beef up our capabilities with their unique skills.

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About Us

What is TRPD Consulting & Engineering?

TRPD Consulting & Engineering, where we’re not just pioneers in transport systems, but virtuosos in the grand symphony of movement. Our expertise? It spans from aircraft to marine. So whether you’re aiming for the skies or diving under the waves, we’ve got your needs covered.

Balance? It’s our middle name. We juggle between our team, customers, and the environment like a circus performer on a high wire. Our commitment to sustainability isn’t just a catchy slogan that looks good on a billboard. No, it’s our solemn promise, our pledge, our pinky swear. We’re your dedicated co-pilots on this thrilling journey towards sustainable goals, crafting efficient, safe, and dare we say, refreshingly eco-friendly systems.

Mission? To boldly help clients design solutions that are not only sustainable but future-proof. Because who wants to be stuck in the past when the future is so much shinier?

Our Products

What do we sell?

Structural Design Solutions

We provide bespoke structures, whether for aircrafts or automobiles, engineered for resilience and longevity.

Stress Analysis

Our dedicated team conducts rigorous stress tests to ensure the durability and safety of your products.

Custom Design Services

Be it a small adjustment or a comprehensive redesign, our talented team delivers top-tier solutions for your unique needs.

Our Services

What do we do?


Draw upon our extensive knowledge and industry experience to navigate the complexities of the engineering world.

Project Management

Every project, regardless of its size, receives our complete focus and commitment to meet timelines and budgets efficiently.

Quality System

Our commitment to quality isn’t just about meeting industry standards, it's about setting them.

Certification experts

We meticulously handle the fine details of compliance demonstration, freeing you to focus on the broader perspective. Whether it involves EASA part 21 DOA or part 21 POA, Military or industry standards.

Individual or Team Approach

Whether your project calls for a solo expert or an entire team, we provide the optimal resources to ensure success.

Future proof product development

Design for circularity is our higher goal, in a pragmatic and cost-effective way we will guide you to make the right decision. Only by awareness of the product lifecycle, we can make the right decisions to reduce the ecological impact.





Which markets do we operate in?

Our markets

Our Partners

Partners from All Over the World

Developing products with respect to the environment makes the earth our prime partner: use Waste as input for new products or be inspired by bio-based materials.

Trip & Co will cover your needs of cargo protection. From lithium fire protection to restraining nets. We share a vision recyclability and are therefore proud to support new and customised product developments.

Inholland: after years in the commercial industry, you lose touch with fresh ideas and young generation of engineers. we are proud to share knowledge with students.


Get in touch with us

Whether you’re soaring at 30,000 feet or navigating the tumultuous seas of innovation, we at TRPD Consulting & Engineering are your trusty co-pilots, guiding you through the labyrinthine world of engineering challenges. Your questions ignite our curiosity, your ideas fuel our creativity, and your insights steer our course. So, shall we connect?